Who are we?

We are The Furry Nexus, a furry community that suits everyone!

A lot of servers tried the same, but failed. We want to change that, and do it right!
In The Furry Nexus, you'll find a huge range of channels, matching all interests (from food to music, memes to weebs).
Our dedicated staff team is online 24/7 to assist you and protect you from those pesky trolls.
We have different game servers if you want to have some fun, a Merchandise Store and our lovely Event Team that focuses on bringing the community together through various events.
No matter who you are, furry or not, you will always have a home and be welcomed in The Furry Nexus.

Minecraft & Garry's Mod Servers

A Dedicated Event Team

Movie Nights
Cards Against Humanity

Members First Thoughts

What did some of our members think when they joined our servers?

Jammy Owner & Borker November 9th, 2018
Why did you join The Furry Nexus, @Cyphrus ?
Cyphrus November 9th, 2018
@Jammy, I just joined The Furry Nexus around 24 hours ago, but I already feel like I've been there for weeks!
It's a very welcoming place and I've enjoyed my interactions with the others on the server.
I don't actually have a fursona or anything like that but I was still welcomed as a part of the community!
Jammy Owner & Borker October 27th, 2018
What do you like the most about The Furry Nexus, @MashPotatoCreamPie ?
MashPotatoCreamPie October 27th, 2018
@Jammy, What do I like the most about The Furry Nexus? Well, there is a lot.
First of all the staff is phenomenal, they listen well and they treat you with respect. The people are very nice and are easy to become friends with.
I've not been here long, but from what I have experienced so far this server will suit you and all your needs.
Jammy Owner & Borker September 5th, 2018
Why did you join The Furry Nexus, @Keru ?
Keru September 5th, 2018
@Jammy, I joined TFN back in May, ever since I joined it's been a constant rise in positivity within the furry fandom. I met a lot of cool people, and I continue to do so.
The voice chats are also another reason as to why I enjoy my time within the server. When active they are a lot of fun to be in. The staff on TFN are also amazing. They're respectful, honest, and swift with their actions.
The community also respects one another. The owner, Jammy, is also a good person as well. He and everyone else are all fun people to be around. I look forward to the future of The Furry Nexus, and I am proud to call it one of my favorite servers.